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Friday, December 19, 2008

New Racehorse Rescue Program- Remember Me Rescue

After years of deliberation and struggling to make ends meet with our home based rehabilitation and rescue program Dallas and I have decided to start our own 501c3 non profit horse rescue organization. In the past two years we have excepted 35 horses to our program. Most of them have been placed although some have required extensive care and have been at our farm for long periods of time. Through our non profit we hope to be able to help more horses than ever before.
We have never asked for help before so the decision to do so was difficult. Since we also breed, rehab, and train racehorses for clients and have many of our own personal horses as well, we were concerned that accepting donations could be misinterpreted. To help me in this task I have asked a few folks to serve as directors of our organization that will help me in keep good accountable records. One such person is Houston based business attorney Irwin Barg and my personal bookkeeper Christine Wright. Our CPA Brad Epstien of Rockwall, Texas will be overseeing things as well.
We will be excepting donations of cash, feed, hay, or anything else that could benefit the rehabilitation or recovery of off track thoroughbreds. We will also be able to give a tax deduction for such donations as well as donations of horses themselves once the required paperwork and forms have been filed.
Dallas and I would like to thank everyone for all of the support and the gracious comments supporting us and the rest of the folks involved in the Lights On Broadway rescue. He has been such a blessing to us and will be the ambassador for our project. We hope to use his story to raise awareness to owners, trainers, and even grooms, jockeys, and agents to this beneficial cause. With the help of some special folks we plan to campaign for a state based and then a national plea that all people holding a racing license that benefit from these athletes contribute in some small way to their retirement.
I will also start highlighting weekly a horse that we have helped to place in a new home. Through this we help to get these special stories of great horses and generous people out where they belong instead of all of the negative press we in this industry are used to. I hope we in some small way can make a big difference.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for everything you do for horses - but your December 19, 2008 blog entry is using the wrong form of a key word: you should be saying "accepting" donations, new horses, etc., NOT "excepting". Excepting means "excluding" or "leaving out" as in "we were all there except my husband, who was stuck in traffic". "Excepting" is the opposite of what you're doing!

Donna Keen said...

Thanks for the spell check. I get in a hurry sometimes and don't proof read my posts well. Nobodys perfect.