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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Lights On Broadway Update

For all the fans of Lights On Broadway I apologize for not updating you sooner on his progress. Dallas and I have been very busy since the Fair Grounds has started racing traveling between New Orleans, Retama Park in San Antonio, and our farm in Burleson, Texas where we are starting yearlings on dark days as well as working with the other horses in our rescue program with Lights On Broadway.

Lights is steadily gaining his much needed weight and turning into an awesome riding partner. He really likes people and wants to please me so it makes my job as his trainer/encourager much easier. He has ponied a few horses at the farm and it seems to come second nature. I guess after all the years of being ponied he doesn't mind going on the left side instead of the right.

Our original plan was to start Lights new pony horse career in Texas at Lone Star Park where he had most of his racing success but the plan may have changed. Dallas' pony, ex racehorse Eye Man Who, needs a little break and will be heading to the farm for a little vacation so the Texas 2001 Horse of the Year may have to start working a little sooner than we expected .

Lights has been riding bridle-less at the farm but when he gets to the track will be back in a bridle for a week or so just to make sure he doesn't have any flashbacks of being a racing champion. His training has gone so well and he has learned so much that is wouldn't surprise me at all if he acts like a profession pony. I just wonder how he will do behind the gates when they pop a set of workers in the mornings.


suebroux said...

I can't tout enough the size of your heart for all you have done for Lights on Broadway; I'm positive his new career as a pony will be a great success.

Additionally, Shelby Downs wrote a wonderful piece [pdf warning] in the recent issue of the Texas Thoroughbred about the plight of LoB. You're awesome!

Chris said...

What a gorgeous looking horse! Love his colouring. Hope it all goes well!

Celeste said...

Thanks for the update, Donna, and I wish you much continued success with Lights. He looks great and I hope he will enjoy his new job as a pony. I'll look forward to seeing him at Lone Star next spring!

ScrappyT said...

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