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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Early Hajji brought to Remember Me Racehorse Rescue

On August 15th I blogged about a horse named Early Hajji whose owner had run into hard times and could no longer keep him. Hajji was a hard to place 23 year old retired racehorse who had been with his owner Amy for the last 13 years. Amy had been trying to locate a suitable home or horse rescue to take Hajji but with no luck due to his age and health issues. A decision had to be made soon as the end of the month was coming way too soon. Amy could take Hajji to an auction or have him euthanized to insure he would never fall into the wrong hands or be mistreated. The heartbreaking decision to euthanize was made and date to say goodbye was set for August 30th.

Remember Me Racehorse Rescue along with folks from the Alex Brown Forum and the Fans of Barbaro went to work trying to help locate a home for Hajji. We desperately searched for rescues in the Houston, Texas area that would be close to his owner and an easy trip for Hajji. A few days before his scheduled appointment to be euthanized a place for Hajji still had not be found.

Amy and Early Hajji had stayed on my mind since first hearing of their story. Dallas and I discussed what we could do for Amy and to save the life of this old racehorse. We decided that if Amy could find a way to get him here and that Hajji could safely make the trip we could keep him in our program until a suitable home could be found.

Within the week Hajji arrived. He was not the frail old horse I thought was coming to our rescue. Instead he is a strikingly beautiful grey gelding with a wonderful presence. Hajji has a lot of love to give someone and what a terrible shame it would have been to end the life of such a great horse.

Hajji is a special needs horse requiring a special diet of Equine Senior and a few supplements. We are looking for a loving home for Hajji with a family that can financially support his needs of about $400 a month for feed, hay and additives. We are also looking for donors to help support him while he is here at Remember Me. If interested in adopting or helping us support Hajji and the other horses in our program please visit our website at or contact Dallas or Donna Keen through the website for more information.