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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Midwest Thoroughbreds Give Big Gifts to Remember Me Rescue

Most people in the industry might look at Midwest Stables and Rich and Karen Papiese as just another large operation that has now won more races than any other owner in history.

Little is known about this operation for Rich and Karen are humble, quiet individuals who do not want any fanfare or notoriety. What is not known about them is their love for horses and what they do for the industry.

Remember Me Rescue, a 501(c)3 organization, takes in dozens of retired racehorses each year, and places these horses with little or no help from grants, or professional organizations but fund their efforts through the generosity of people in the horse racing industry.

They have aided in large scale rescues of thoroughbred horses in Louisiana and Texas and have placed hundreds of horses in new homes since starting the program in 2008. Many horses at Remember Me are not rescues but are donated by caring owners and trainers who want a future for their retired racehorses. Horses leave Remember Me with the skills they need to make sure they always be wanted, useful horses.

Upon hearing about the amazing work Donna and Dallas Keen have done with this rescue and the limited space and funds, Rich and Karen silently and on their own initiative donated not only $10,000 to help but have also offered to build a new rehabilitation facility with 20 stalls for the horses at Remember Me Rescue.

Rich is pretty adamant about doing this quietly without attention, but I feel , as does Donna, that its time that he is understood as a horse loving owner that does give back to the industry and cares deeply about horses .

It's the time of year for all horse owners and farms in this Holiday Season take a hard look at what they have given back to the sport and the many rescues that are desperately in need of help for the horses that bring such joy in racing, but need help when their careers are over.

Press release by Maggi Moss 12/12/12

Remember Me Rescue

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Battle of the X;s, the OTTB Trainer Challenge

About 2 months ago Remember Me Rescue was involved in a 20 horse thoroughbred rescue from a ranch in San Marcos, Texas.   There were 85 horses on the trail riding ranch being overseen by a young incompetent wrangler. 

Most of the horses were in fair condition but the thoroughbreds were all in need of serious attention.  One had a fractured shoulder, several with laminitis, another with a life threatening wire cut, and another 2 diagnosed with EPM.   Others were simply emaciated, depressed, and living off tree bark and manure.   They were in need of a lot of care to say the least.
Western Escape, a 7 year old gelding moved to RMR

With the help of fosters and a couple of local rescue groups we quickly placed several of the horses in immediate need and transported 9 others to Remember Me Rescue, 2 in critical condition.  Even though we were almost at capacity at that time we made room for the new members, bringing our total number of horses at RMR to 17.  

Once arriving at RMR the horses were put on carefully calculated diets to reintroduce them to grain and hay.  Then we had to come up with a plan to place horses in new homes.   Some of these horses hadn't been ridden since retiring from racing several years ago so it was crucial they be restarted and retrained by professionals.  While talking to other board members we came up with this plan.  Do something similar to the Mustang Challenge and place horses with people that are experienced horse trainers.  So the idea began.

Donna Keen and Great Claude, a 10 year old gelding moved to RMR
Since we already had preliminary plans for an all thoroughbred show in the spring we thought we might combine the two and pick a location and a date that could accommodate a big crowd.   We choose April 27,2013 at the historic Will Rogers Coliseum in Ft Worth, Texas.   Next had to call in a few favors.  Before we knew it we had booked Hall of Fame Jockey Julie Krone, Hall of Fame Trainer Jack Van Berg, and singer Liza G. Fly

We decided to call the event The Battle of the X's, The OTTB Trainer Challenge and All Thoroughbred Show.   Only thoroughbreds will be able to compete in classes ranging from Western to English, to jumping and hunter classes.   We will also feature a "Companion Only" class for retired racehorses that can not be ridden.   Common racetrack injuries and ailments as well as soundness will be overlooked.   They will be judged on appearance and showmanship.   Special prizes will be awarded to these special people who take these retired athletes into their families.

As for the Challenge itself we have picked 10 trainers and let them draw for 10 horses.   We will be awarding $10,000 to the top 3 trainers in the Challenge.   After the Challenge we will auction the Challenge horses to Pre-Approved adopters that have submitted an adoption application and have been approved by Remember Me Rescue. 
Trainer Farley Sliss picking up her Challenge horse, Lady Charlie's Boy

The proceeds from the show and sale will benefit Remember Me Rescue and our mission to build an intensive care unit for severely injured horses and post surgery horses to give them a safe place to recover as well as the therapy they need to do so.

We are currently looking for sponsors for the event.  The sponsorship levels are as follows...

Platinum $5000
Diamond $3000
Gold $1500
Silver $1000
Bronze $500
Red $100
White $50
Blue $25
Platinum through Bronze levels will have their logos on all our print materials (flyer's, posters and print ads). Their names will be announced over the PA system ...

numerous times during the day of the show and will receive prominent placement in our show program. All sponsors will be recognized in our show program.
Class Sponsors:
$100 Class
$300 Division (3 classes)
$1000 Handy Hunter Class (pays back to 6th place)
$1500 Joker's Wild Class (pays back to 6th place)
We are also looking for a special gift for the winner of the Companion Class
If you are interested in sponsoring or donating a gift for our auction please email or visit for more information.