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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Roger Sofer's Moody Jones in the Groovy Stakes

Martha Claussen wrote a nice article in the Houston Chronicle, interviewing Dallas Keen and Roger Sofer about his horse Moody Jones. To view click on link below...

Friday, November 9, 2007

Our day with the President of our United States

I never thought the day would come where I would be in the same room with the President of our United States of America. I had anxiously awaited this day for several weeks after Roger Sofer, one of our owners, invited us to meet the President at a fund raiser for Texas Senator John Cornyn. I washed out for an entire week in anticipation of this day. Being the big conservative republican Bush fans that Dallas and I are, getting this chance was definitely a high light of our lives.
We arrived at the home of a prominent Houston couple who hosted the fund raiser about 9:30 am. The security was unbelievable. Every policeman in Houston must have been there as well as what seemed to be hundreds of secret service. As we walked in we were directed to a large room where we visited with Texas Governor Rick Perry and Senator John Cornyn, along with some of the most influential people in the state of Texas. I felt incredibly insignificant in retrospect to the company I was in.
A woman walked through the room and asked everyone to form a line for the photo opportunity with the President. We waited nervously as the line seemed to move rather quickly. All I could think about was 'please don't say anything stupid to the President of the United States'.
All of sudden we were in the room with George W. Bush. The first thing I noticed was he was just a real person. He was laughing and kidding around with everyone in the room and has an incredibly real smile. Not a phony one that you see on most politicians. Dallas leaned towards me and said, "I thought he was ten foot tall, he's not." I was too nervous to say anything but of course I tried to act cool.
I kept looking at him thinking, wow, he is just a normal guy like everyone else but then suddenly it hit me like a ton of bricks... "OH MY GOSH, this is the PRESIDENT OF THE UNINTED STATES OF AMERICA, THE MOST INFLUENTIAL MAN IN THE WHOLE WORLD". As we approached the President I thought I might faint. My heart was racing, my head was spinning, and I got a little light headed.
When Dallas and I were the next in line for our photo op the President looked at Dallas and said, "Finally, about time someone came wearing a cowboy hat!" And Dallas replied, "I thank God every night that you are our President." All of a sudden I felt better. He warmly embraced the both of us in his arms. He looked us right in the eye and in our short conversation with him we felt like President Bush really cared about us and our future as Americans. He asked us about our life and we truly felt appreciated by the man who runs our country. What an overwhelming experience. When we left the room with our President we were ushered outside for a speech from Governor Perry followed by Senator John Cornyn.
Senator Cornyn gave a short speech about what he wanted for Texans and thanked everyone for their support. During Senator Cornyn speech he stated that George W. Bush is a man of his word, and that is a rare commodity in Washington. Senator Cornyn truly admires President Bush and supports his decisions and beliefs. The Senator introduced the President and the crowd applauded as he took the podium.
I stood in aw as he looked directly into our eyes as he spoke. President Bush loves this country. He has a strong belief in God and mentioned how much he appreciates the prayers of the American people and asked people to continue to pray for him.
During his speech he made a lot of important statements but was incredible funny as well. He mentioned he spoke with his mother, who lives in Houston, earlier during the morning. She complained about the traffic and he told her he didn't see what the problem was. He didn't see any traffic during his trip from the airport. Of course he is in a motorcade and traffic was held for him. He spoke a lot about the Oval Office and the history of it along with the first picture you see when you walk in of the "first G.W.", George Washington. Then the speech became serious as we discussed terrorism and about keeping our country safe. He told us a sugar factory was the latest place to be bombed and 25 children were murdered by the cowards that hate us. With that comment his friendly voice turned to extreme seriousness with a touch of anger that gave me goosebumps. President Bush means what he says when he says he will do whatever it takes to protect our country and keep those murders off our soil. I have never felt more blessed to be an American than I did right then.
I went to bed that night thanking God for our President and asking for his protection and wisdom in making the decisions that are so important for all of us. I know we are good hands with President George Bush watching over our country. I pray that whoever succeeds him in the Presidency will have the same passion for the safety of the American people that he has for all of us.