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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Retired Racehorse, Lights On Broadway, 2001 Tx-HOTY

A couple of years ago a group of people that call themselves the Fans of Barbaro, Alex Brown, and a man named Greg Sanders helped save Lights On Broadway from slaughter. Over the past 2 years I have been asked many times over how Lights is doing and where he is now. I thought I would update all of you on his status.

Lights On Broadway is calling Remember Me Racehorse Rescue home. He is one of two permanent residents along with 28 year old Yeah Me Do. He is safe, happy, and is the official spokeshorse for our organization. We still ride Lights around the farm and hope to have a fundraiser or two for him this year where he will be the guest of honor.

I have made Lights his own webpage on the RMR site. I posted new photos of him at the farm riding and even jumping without a bridle. He is truly on the the coolest horses I have ever met. If you can teach a racehorse to ride with out a bridle you can teach them anything!

Everyone has heard about the terrible drought in the south. We usually keep 6-10 horses at any given time in the RMR program. The cost of taking care of them is constantly increasing.

Please keep Remember Me Rescue in your thoughts and prayers. There is a paypal button on Lights page if you would like to make a donation towards his care or to help us with the other horses in our program.

Remember Me Rescue placed over 80 horses in the last two years. We are funded totally from donations from horse lovers and by adoption fees we charge when a horse is placed with a new family. We appreciate your support. Now go ride your horse! (and if you don't have one, adopt!)