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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blue the Pony, aka the carrott thief

Volunteer Susan made her usually Monday morning visit to Remember Me Rescue. I had to share this with all of our followers.

Hi Donna,

Well, thanks to Blue, Yammi was able to eat carrots today for the first time! Blue stuck his head down into the grooming carry-all where my bag of carrots was, picked up the bag and slowly started to walk away. As I came after him to retrieve the bag, he being no dummy, stepped into a trot and made his way across the pasture. Now I know Blue can MOVE when he puts his mind to it!

Fortunately, the carrots dribbled out of the bag as he trotted along, and as soon as the bag was empty, which didn't take long, Blue stopped, turned around, and walked back to me. He is one smart horse!

I retrieved all the carrots and several of them were crushed into little bits from when Blue bit the bag to pick it up. I fed those bits to Yammi and he was able to eat them! He's not able to eat a regular small chunk of carrot; I guess b/c he has teeth problems?? Anyway, he was able to mash up every little smushed bit of carrot I fed him today.

All the Rescue guys were groomed--Blue, Yammi, Hajii, Teddie, Belfast, and Mack. I really scrubbed Hajii and Yammi with the curry to get a lot of the loose, shedding hair off them, and I was able to get all the mats off of Hajii. I also trimmed Hajii's and Yammi's manes a little...they look ready for the track again!I don't know if you guys have been unable to work on Teddie's mane and tail, but I've told you I CANNOT get him to let me brush them. Today, after probably 10-15 minutes of walking him down, cooing, and being persistent, I was finally able to brush him!

And I LOVE Belfast!! Is he as sweet as he seems?? He lay his face right against mine and just stayed there. And he doesn't mind his ears being handled. And he is great when cleaning his hooves. And he's so beautiful! I looked up his race record, and he raced against one of Larry Jones' horses once, and Robby Albarado has ridden him!
And that paint baby is a doll! I watched her race around the stall, back and forth, back and forth, like she had just discovered the greatest thing!

If it's okay with you, I'd like to bring some paper, paints and brushes out next Monday and see if I can get Yammi and Hajii to create some Moneighs. Gwen plans to come next Monday, so she can help me. I have the directions from Mary Simons on what to use/what to do/ etc. Maybe if they turn out, you could add them to the raffle for the fundraiser. Let me know.