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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lights On Broadway's Amazing Comeback

Lights On Broadway is quiet a horse. He has come so far in such a short time and done remarkably well considering his recent past. After being rescued off the slaughter truck and then being shipped around Oklahoma to farms and racetracks he has definitely settled in to his new life with us. Lights is a wonderful horse. He loves attention and seems very happy and secure. He has been through so much but thanks to so many generous people he has made his way home to Texas.

We have started Lights On Broadway's training program and hope to have him ready to use as a racetrack pony at Lone Star Park this spring. He is already riding bridle-less at our farm but we have yet to start teaching him to pony. If he doesn't like the easy life at the track escorting young horses to and from we will find him a job he does like. I have taken him on one trail ride and he was terrific, even rode out into the pond. A life as a trail horse would probably suit him just fine if the track doesn't.

I am not sure by looking at Lights On Broadways PP's if he ever had more than one a real break his entire career. So learning social skills in a pasture with others was a challenge that he has overcome in the last month. Now Lights enjoys his pasture mates although he still lets them know he is the boss. He is steadily putting on weight and looking better with every passing day.

Lights On Broadway is only one of our rescues here at the farm. We have 7 other horses we care for here, some ready to be placed in new homes as riding horses and others that are in need of special homes. If anyone is interested in adopting a horse through Dallas and I please contact us. We also accept thoroughbred horses from any owner or trainer. If you are in need of placing a horse who's racing career is ending we can help. We urge owners and trainers to take the time to locate a rescue facility for your thoroughbreds instead of sending them to a sale. Just a couple of weeks ago a woman contacted me that bought one of our former horses, Agrapha, at a sale for .15 a pound. She verified the tattoo number through the Jockey Club and then contacted Dallas and I for additional information on the horse. His previous owner, Jim Jackson, thought he had given Agrapha to folks that would care for him. Unfortunately he fell into the wrong hands.

This happens way to much and I plead with people to locate responsible homes for their exracers. We hope to be able to use Lights On Broadway as an ambassador and show people the retrainability of these fine athletes. They deserve better than the fate of too many.

If you know of a horse in need of placement, again, contact us at and we will see what we can do to help or go to our website for more information on horse rescues and updates..