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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Texas on the Forefront of Helping Retired Racehorses

Everything in Texas is supposed to be bigger, how about our hearts? With a little help and a lot of luck we have managed to bring attention of the dire need to provide care to retired racehorses to our state legislators. Yesterday a meeting was held in Austin to introduce horse retirement issue to the Sunset Committee. Representatives from the Texas Horsemans Partnership Lane Hutchins and Tommy Azopardi were at the meeting to present the committee a few simple ideas that will raise money for the rehabilitation, retraining, and placing exracehorses in permanent homes.
About the time Lights On Broadway retired to our farm Dallas and I started thinking of ways to generate constant cash flow to provide for the care of horses when they retire. One of the things we discussed was raising money through the Texas Racing Commission by adding a couple of bucks to the cost of a racing license. By doing that every person that profits directly from horse racing whether they be owners, trainers, jockeys or employees of racing facilities would help provide care for the horses in which they earn an income from. The small amount collected from the licenses could benefit horses in a big way.
On Tuesday the idea was well received by the Sunset Committee and could possibly make the Texas horsemen and women directly associated with horseracing the first in the nation to have set up a fund of this kind. In addition to the license fee increase there was also discussion to take a small piece of the breeders awards. I am sure that will have some opposition from the folks who breed but do not run their own horses. Sorry folks, this is much needed.
Texas finally has its best chance ever at getting the VLT's with the change in Texas Government. Our new Speaker of the House Joe Straus is a horsemen and supports the bill. VLT's at Texas racetracks will not only make purses competitive with other states but will set aside a portion of the revenue for equine research and racehorse retirement. In addition, there is also to be money set aside for other breed registries such as the AQHA, the Cutting Horse Assn, the Friesians, the Gypsy horses, and so on and so on. Every group associated with horses can apply to the Agriculture Department to receive benefits.


Todaysdarkhorse said...

I hope that Texas has set a standard that other states will follow.This is such an important cause. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Celeste said...

This is great news, Donna! Thank you for helping to get the ball rolling on this issue for all the Texas horses. I'm going to be keeping my fingers crossed for the VLTs also because I want to see horses keep racing in TX instead of going to our neighbors with the higher purses. Thanks!

brett said...

I am encouraged by this and the VLT measure I hope that All involved will join together to make Slots a reality as I am racing in states like OK, LA, NM because purses are much higher..

on another not their is a Thoroughbred owner to be Aware of that is giving Racing/Breeding a Bad Name here.. David Leon Thompson. having outstandinbg bill All over Texas as well as LA, OK.... he hides under partnerships like TMF Partners, FourLeaf Stable, Plain Ole Racing Stable, and David L. Thompson, he has a farm name in Celina called Bailey Thoroughbreds.. He is a Con Artist!!! he as of Jun 1 sent a 3yo to trainer Ralph Irwin... WATCHOUT Trainers, Owners, Vets, Farriers, etc...

Anonymous said...

Hey are you a professional journalist? This article is very well written, as compared to most other blogs i saw today….
anyhow thanks for the good read!