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Friday, April 17, 2009

Lights On Broadway in the Spotlight

The story of Lights On Broadway seems to be getting lots of attention these days. Between the news crews, reporters, and camera people our barn has be a busy place to be lately. I can only hope somehow through this horses mishaps others may be saved. Lights was lucky, he was in the right place at the right time and escaped a terrible end. So many more are not as fortunate.
Lights On Broadway was the inspiration for our project which started after he arrived at our farm in Burleson, Texas. Dallas and I were already involved with horse rescue placing over 35 horses in the previous two years. We had been doing so without any financial assistance or donations but after Lights arrived I was inspired to do more. We called our project Remember Me Racehorse Rescue and applied for a non profit status. By December of 2008 we were an official 501(c)3 and we began to bring more exracehorses to our farm to be retrained and placed in new homes.
Since the beginning of Remember Me we have retrained and placed 9 horses and have 6 horses currently for adoption at our farm. The sound horses are easy to find homes but the horses with problems are much more difficult. Some of these horses we will need to keep for several months while they rehabilitate before they can be placed in permanent homes. This gets very costly. 4 of the 6 horses currently in our program are in the rehabilitation process.
We have been very fortunate so far that I have kept a waiting list of potential adopters and been able to place sound horse very quickly. We have decided due to the large amount of horses that need homes not to charge an adoption fee. This is where all animal lovers and the horse community come in. We have hoped to fund our program totally through donations. We added a paypal widget to our websites and blog as well as invited others to copy the widget to their sites in hopes of raising money online but it hasn't been enough to totally fund the project.
On the Sunday before Derby Day our local Channel 8, WFAA, will be running a story on Lights On Broadway. This weekend sometime his story will be in Gary West's horse racing section in the Ft Worth Star Telegram, (thanks ST and Gary for the great picture by the way). Hopefully we can raise awareness to our mission and attract a few big sponsors to help fund our Remember Me Racehorse Rescue project. Anyone interested in becoming a Remember Me Sponsor please contact Donna at or call 817-689-1214. Donations can be through the official website at and are tax deductible.

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