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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Last of the 20 Horse Rescue

Anyone who follows our blog or keeps up with the website knows we have been working on a 20 horse rescue for quite sometime. The first seven horses from Louisiana were brought here in February and the remaining horses were taken to the owners farm in Oklahoma until we could accommodate them. We posted about the horses being moved and asked if anyone in Oklahoma could help. Many horses were placed with people that lived in the area. There were still 6 horses needing new homes.

I had a gentleman named Andy Peele contact me a couple of weeks ago. He was interested in adopting a few mares for his small thoroughbred breeding operation. He offered to transport the last 6 horses here to our farm and adopt a few broodmare prospects from the group. Andy and his family decided to adopt 4 of the last 6 horses and brought 2 geldings to our farm the following morning.

The first 7 horses from the 20 horse rescue were in good shape and healthy. These were not so fortunate. I was very angry when I first laid eyes on these geldings. Very thin, lame from lack of hoof care, full of worms and still holding on to their winter coats, these horses were in terrible shape. Their teeth were so sharp they could hardly chew grain. No vaccinations records and several hundred pounds underweight I have my work cut out for me on these two guys.

Luckily both of these geldings are very sweet and enjoy all of the attention they are receiving here. They have been introduced to grain slowly and have 24 hour access to grass hay along with receiving timothy/alfalfa flakes during the day. We will not be able to ride either of the horses until they gain some weight, their top lines are too thin and we don't want their first experience to be an uncomfortable one. I will be taking pictures to update everyone on their progress.

This rescue will be an expensive one. Just to list a few costs, 2 power pack wormers $120, Vaccinations for 2 $230, shoeing $200, floating teeth another $140. We are already up to $690 and we haven't included what is it going to cost to feed them. Anyone who would like to can donate to their fund on the Remember Me Rescue website at There is a link to paypal there and also a donation widget. We appreciate your support in helping these two geldings start a new life.


SantaFeSandy said...

From the 2 pictures you have posted, while it appears that the BFI on the chesnut is #3, you should take a look at what we contend with here in North Central FL (horse capital of the world I might add), at . Here at the facility of the Horse Protection Group of Florida, Morgan Silver (Exec. Dir.) has her work cut out for her on a daily basis.

I continually come upon abandoned and abused horses...namely retired Thoroughbred racehorses, that are #2 or #1.5 on the charts for Body Fat Index.

Please go to their site too so that you can review the newsletter that shows graphic pictures of the horid conditions that humans subject these most majestic creatures to out of both dietary ignorance and intentional abuse.

Thanks for your great work that you do!

Linda said...

Hello -- I am a fan and supporter (contributed $100 without so much as a simple thank you). I'm glad you have found a home for Broadway and even though you may not have a star to shine over your other rescues, I hope you continue to do well. I won't be contributing again -- not because I don't support your efforts -- just because you don't support mine. A simple thank you goes a LONG way to support those who support you. Linda

Donna Keen said...

Dear Linda,
I am very sorry you didn't get your thank you post card. I am very careful to print address off they paypal account and send out thank you cards, most of the time the very same day. I do not know what happened to yours but I truly apologize and now would like to sincerely thank you. I do appreciate you very much.