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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lights On Broadway Update

Once again I want to thank everyone involved in bringing Lights On Broadway home to Texas. There were so many kind people who joined in this nationwide effort of horsemen and non-horsemen alike to donate their time and money to getting him home.

Lights is doing great. He is continuing to gain weight and muscle tone at a fast pace and we expect him to recover 100%. He is learning everything we have time to teach him and is already giving hugs and other little tricks. I felt confident enough to start his bridle-less training on the third ride. He will be no trouble at all to train. I bet we will be ponying on him by the first of the year or at least by the opening of the thoroughbred meet at Lone Star next spring.

We took Lights to the Equine Expo last weekend where he represented Off Track Thoroughbreds, also known as OTTB's, as we tried to show people to retrainability of horses who have racetrack backgrounds. Contrary to popular belief racehorses are highly intelligent and are easily retrained for new careers after they are retired from the track. Next year we hope to show how Lights has completely recovered from his almost horrific ending to a big beautiful confident racetrack pony.

For now he is still resting at the farm most days and ridden a couple of days a week or whenever I can get home to see him. He is beginning to be social with the other horses and spending a little more time out before asking to come back into the barn. ( He still thinks he needs a fan in the heat of the day ). I will keep you guys updated and posting pictures as Lights progresses.

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