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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Good Things Happen To Good People

Everyone who knows Angelo Trosclair likes him. Angelo owns the national horse transportation company Thoroughbred Transport and is always willing to help us with transportation for our rescue horses. He is known for having fair prices and making special trips for anyone in need.

On Wednesday, September 17 we held our Backside Benevolence Benefit, also known as the Chaplains Banquet, at Louisiana Downs. This event is held the Wednesday before the Super Derby and is looked forward to by trainers, owners, and many others every year. The event is the primary fund raiser for the Backside Benevolence Fund and Chaplian Jimmy Sistrunk each year. A silent auction, a live bidding auction and sale of the tickets all go to the fund. They also recognise a trainer, assistant trainer, and a person of the year.

As a fun twist to the banquet they have a reverse drawing for a cash prize of $3000 where anyone interested in participating may purchases tickets for the reverse drawing for $100 each. As the night goes on names are called and removed from the list until only one name remains. This year the winner of the cash drawing was Angelo Trosclair.

Angelo also was the high bidder for the golf cart which brought a donation bid of $2900. So in fact Angelo made out smelling like a rose. He left with a golf cart and $100. Good things happen to good people.

A huge Thank You to Angelo and Thoroughbred Transport for all of the help with the rescue horses. Now I don't feel so bad asking for the help.

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