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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Stranger things have happened, Foal Born at LaD

This morning when we arrived at the track for training a rumor was floating around about a foal born on the backside in the middle of the night. By 6 am it was confirmed, a 2 year old filly gave birth to a filly during the night in the Pat Mouton Stable at Louisiana Downs. Now I know for sure the filly was born but the rest of the details may or may not be totally factual so take them with a grain of salt, (although they came from a pretty good source). Rumor has it this filly had been in training with Mouton for a while and was being kept at a nearby training facility. She was brought to Louisiana Downs sometime before Sunday morning where she worked 3 furlongs in 36 and change. She has been in the Mouton's regular barn on the backside since then. Boy, I wish I would have seen the look on the grooms face this morning when he arrived at her stall.
I heard one trainer mention that he noticed the mare waxing and dripping milk while coming of the track yesterday morning. I have heard others say she didn't have a bag formed but was an 'easy keeper' so to speak and was a little over weight. Who knows...
What I do know is that someone should have noticed something wasn't right with this filly. Whether it was her weight problem, her enlarged bag, her absence of a cycle, something, someone needs to be responsible. This filly could have caused serious danger to herself, her foal, and her exercise rider on Sunday or any day prior to that while she was in race training. Ultimately I guess the trainer responsibility rule is in effect here but then again, he surely wasn't the one who left her out with the colts too long.
Breeders and owners alike and not to mention trainers should learn 2 valuable lessons here.
1. Don't leave fillies and colts together, even when you think they are too young to breed.
2. If you have a filly in training that is gaining weight and looking and little thick through the flank spend the twenty bucks and palpate them.

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