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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lights On Broadway Is HOME!!!

Lights On Broadway is home in Texas. He arrived here about 6:30 pm on Thoroughbred Transport. My first impression of this horse was he is a champion. He knows it too. We had a small group of people waiting for him to unload from the van. He walked off slowly and then struck a pose as if he was waiting for the cameras to start flashing.

After a few quick pictures I led him to out to the pasture to hand graze and let him get a good look around the farm. Every time a horse would winnie he would strike the pose again. So Funny!! After grazing I took him to his stall, ( huge foaling stall ), and turned him loose. He seems very content and nickered for some grain. Although he is still thin he looks to be in very good health and seems sound. I think we are going to be alright but I am going to give him a power pack and start him on some ulcer medication just be sure. He still needs about 200 pounds.

Lights seems as gentle and kind as everyone has said. A total class act. I am very thankful to everyone that worked so hard to get this horse back to Texas. Thanks so much to The Sanders who purchased him from the killer buyer, Mary Overton and all the folks who sponsor the TOP BUNK LIST, The Alex Brown Racing Site, and every person who gave from their hearts by making a donation to make this happen for Lights On Broadway.

I will keep you guys updated on his progress and attach more pictures soon.

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