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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

20 Horse Rescue Underway

The first seven horses of the 20 horse Louisiana rescue arrived at our farm on Monday morning. I was supposed to be there for the arrival but Sunday evening on my way in from New Orleans I had engine problems in Dallas' truck. I broke down in Opelousas, about 25 miles north of Lafayette, LA in his new Ford F350, (everyone knows what F-O-R-D stands for, Found On Road Dead). Luckily I didn't have horses on the trailer and Dallas came with my dependable 3/4 ton Chevy and picked me and the horse trailer up. We were back in New Orleans by 2am.

I got an 11 am flight the next morning from New Orleans to Dallas Love Field and got to the farm about 2 to find the horses had arrived in good shape and all looked to be healthy and sound. There were 5 geldings and 2 mares. Whew... what a fiasco.

I had prepared for their arrival by inviting a few folks to be there to meet and consider adopting horses when they arrived. Ann Best adopted two horses, Ruby Knolls and Little Doctor and my neighbor Archie Salinas, a polo horse trainer, adopted Queen of Belen. I have had several people contact me about the remaining 4 horses and I am very optimistic I can place all of them in good homes.

Another one of my neighbors has shown interest in Shawneboy. He is going to need throat surgery to be a riding horse but she is willing and able to have it done. She is also considering Imbizzyrunning as a pleasure/trail prospect even though he is a little on the nervous side. I have been talking to a few other folks about the 2 older geldings. I would really prefer to find companion homes for them, especially if they could go together. Both ride okay but cry like big babies for each other. I am sure the stress of the move has complicated things for them but none the less they have paid their dues and should enjoy their retirement, hopefully together.
I have waived any adoption fee for these horses and I am depending completely on donations to pay for this rescue. There were too many horses involved that needed to be placed quickly. I am only asking for proof of income and 3 good references, one from a vet or farrier, and hoping the horse community will chip in for the cost of the shipping and for the care of the horses while they are here at our farm. I couldn't do what I do without help from others and I thank everyone who has stepped up to help. If you would like to donate you can do so through our Remember Me Rescue Website. All gifts are tax deductible and very much appreciated.

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